Petroff Consulting Group is a results-oriented leader in human resources consulting in Westlake Village, CA. We can meet all your HR needs, from small business to corporate infrastructure.

We help you hire the best and brightest, start or grow a business, avoid lawsuits, and ensure compliance with federal and state labor laws. 

What Our Clients Have to Say

"[Janet's] experience has proven to be invaluable. Janet helped the Section create a solid foundation for our core personnel functions. I have a great deal of confidence in Janet's ability. She has saved our organization from costly mistakes and provided us with sound advice."                                                                                             -Beth Kang, Exec Dir, CA-NV AWWA                                                                                                                                                                                          

"Janet provided professional, high-level & timely services to our young, developing company. All of our managers were eager to work with her.  She protected our company in the best manner possible---very positive experience working together---very positive experience working together with Janet."                                                  -Rick Blair, Pres & CEO, WGN


"Janet is extremely knowledgeable with broad areas of expertise and she always brought solutions to challenges. She is thorough and professional and offered valuable counsel when asked."                     -Tom Deters, Business Consultant


"Janet is dedicated to her customers, very loyal and understanding. She has strong communication skills which help her considerably in numerous projects and assignments. Last, but not least, she possesses a very effective personal style."                                                                                                                                      -Dmitriy Moskalenko, Controller, C&C Jewelry 


Are you starting a small business and aren’t quite sure how to set up your business infrastructure?


Are you a growing business that needs executive-level HR and Risk Management expertise but doesn’t need a full-time expert?


Are you a growing business that needs and/or wants:





Are your employees telling you they are in pain when they work and ask for a new desk?
Are you an investor who needs someone to ensure that the emerging company will establish a viable corporate infrastructure?
  • Human resources policies and procedures in place?
  • To ensure compliance with labor laws?
  • A comprehensive benefits program to attract quality talent?
  • To create and implement a recruitment plan that will effectively accommodate your growth?